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Band: Stairwell Collapse

The following interview was conducted by the MC7C duo and posted for this page. Do not copy+paste this; direct link to it, instead!


Did you grow up in Hampton Roads? If so, what cities? ah yes, the days of little us running the streets of hampton roads haha. I (Rick) grew up in virginia beach and Mike in chesapeake. We have spent a lot of time in Richmond VA which is considered a second home to us.

Describe your music to someone who has never heard it. imagine the sounds of water buffalo in mating season ;) honestly its just rock music, there are a ton of different labels out there for genres these days, some would say we are indie because we do have a more melodic sound. If you havn't heard us, you should check it out and let us know how you would describe it! We do have parts that feel intense but we bring it back with familiar hooks and layered vocals that sound like "the voice of a thousand angels" or so we have been told haha.

What's the writing process for your music? Do the lyrics come first? Does the music come first? Who does what? Well, we usually write a guitar riff and record it, not sure what part it is going to be in a song yet. Since we have previously written all of our songs with just the two of us, we don't have access to live drums so we use a drum sequencer on the computer to write a beat to said guitar riff. We usually play with a few ideas musically, mike will come up with a melody for the part and hums it out over the recording, lyrics usually come later. That is when we decide where the part will go in a song, because we get a good idea of the feel it has. From there we start building around it and months later, a song is born! haha.

Do you have an albums / demos / merch / releases available to purchase? Where can you buy them? Shirts! We do have shirts.. but our self-titled E.P will be added to that list of merch very soon! We have spent the last few months recording our debut E.P and cannot wait to share it with the world :) There isn't a confirmed release date but, we are hoping for the end of this month or the beginning of september. Our merch site is and a little known fact about the elephant shirt..there is a hidden animal on it!

What is your most crazy show story? (Any naked women running around? Drunk bar fights?)

Hmm.. we have yet to see any show nudity or UFC re-enactments but we did have a pretty funny encounter with a drunk guy. Back before we had live members to play full band shows, we used to tour playing an acoustic set of our music. On with the story, we were playing a show at the Norva in Norfolk, VA. Our friend/photographer for the night (who we will refer to as The Dark Knight) had a few too many drinks. So we were playing the last song in our set, and i started to hear an off time tambourine coming from behind us. Then out of the corner of my eye i see The Dark Knight on stage with us wielding a tambourine (we have no idea where he got it from). It was a great moment in our band history, i think the crowd was actually cheering for him at the end of our set haha. He actually hung out with us at the merch table that night and probably signed more shirts than we did ;)

How much do you think hype affects the public perception of what good music is?

I think hype affects people in different ways. Some people blindly follow the trends of popular music while others dislike something just because it is hyped up and there are the people who are indifferent. I think the words hype, mainstream, etc. are bad for the industry because they have an auto-shut off effect on some people. Instead, i suggest we use the word Disney. Example: "Hey that song is Disney!". meaning, the kids will like it. Have I lost you yet? haha, it was a studio thing, a whole different story :)

How would you like to see the local music scene change? (venues, fans, other bands)

Locally the music scene has been ruled by metal/hardcore shows for the past few years, but we have been seeing more and more non-metal bands forming in the area which could lead to less fights and more hugs ;) I guess something we would like to see is more people going to shows, we love meeting new friends!

What's up for the band in 2008? ( a tour, album?) First priority is to release our cd that we have been working on, it is in it's final stages so it shouldn't be long! Then we plan on getting a live band together again so we can tour extensively to promote the new cd :) But we will be writing new material this year as well, so who knows!

What local bands and artists do you recommend? We would have to recommend our friends in Conditions, they put on an amazing show, plus they are super cool dudes. Definitely have to recommend Yearling as well, we recorded our cd with Sid (the singer), and Mike (the drummer) played the live drums on our recordings.

What are your favorite venues to play at? How would you like to see the available venues to change when booking shows? (better sound / lights/ pay/ promotions) The Norva definitely holds a special place in our hearts, the atmosphere is amazing and it even has a hot tub backstage! I feel that the local venues are doing a good job, tons of promotion is definitely key to making a sucessful venue.

How do you market your music to the public? What seems to work best for you for letting people know about your shows? (Myspace/ the paper / word of mouth) As of now we just promote via myspace and word of mouth. Myspace has been a huge help to our band by enabling us to share our music with people around the world. It is also a great tool for booking out of town shows on your own, before it was very difficult unless you had a manager.

What is your current favorite song? I guess i would have to say Oubiette by The Receiving End of Sirens, and i'm going to say the entire Death Cab for Cutie discography for Mike haha.

Last CD bought, downloaded or stole? It's been a while but the last one was Number One Gun, the north pole project. And that was bought... with stolen money! (only kidding)

Quote us your favorite song lyrics. (please include who it is by) "p-p-p-pull up to the bumper babayyy" by Grace Jones vs. Funkstar Deluxe

What came first, the music or the misery? Explain. I actually thought about this for a second and had an answer. Then I decided to google the phrase, so i'll go with "what is We're high fashion, we're last chances" for 500.

What do you think of what MC7C does? How would you make it better? Have you been to any of our events? We have not been to any of your events yet, but maybe this interview will bring us together :D Great job guys, helping keep the music scene alive! We love you all


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