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Band: The Pawnshoplifters

The following feature was conducted by k@t and compiled by Gabe. Please do not copy+paste this; direct link to this feature! Give us credit for our work!'s cowboy hat time, with the Pawnshoplifters.


The Pawnshoplifters arrived on the scene in 2006. Roots Rock, Country, Americana, call it what you will. We just play what comes natural, and what most of us were brought up on as kids (wether we wanted to or not!) Having a great appreciation of real country and honkeytonk, the PSL's take from those genres the art of story telling. A hard edged approach to country, and a blue collar mentality, the PSL's deliver passionate, colorful tunes that go hand in hand with the stereo in your f-150.


(Questions answered by Wendell Johnson)

Did you grow up in Hampton Roads? If so, what cities? What high schools?

We all 3 grew up in Tidewater. Jeff and I went to Great Bridge. Alan went to Booker T washington

Describe your music to someone who has never heard it.

Hard edged Hillbilly Hoedowns!

What is your most crazy show story? (Any naked women running around? Drunk bar fights?)

Wow, crazy story.....we're all vets of the scene. We try to rock as hard as we can, and have a few beers and go home to our wives.

How would you like to see the local music scene change? (venues, fans, other bands)How do you think we can solve the problems we are having with venues doing little to NO promoting of shows, not paying the bands much, lack of good sound systems, and other issues?

Well, i've battled this since i was 16. I think it starts with the bands. Good, quality bands doing shows together and creating a cool place to see a show. There are a couple of places that have great shows regularly. And attendance is quite good. So, I think it starts there. We don't have real venues that just concentrate on having music. VA law requires a venue to sell a certain amount of food with alcohol, so they have that to worry about. So in that case, the Venue really has no time or money to promote shows. I think myspace has done a tremendous amount for getting the word out on bands. And having accurate websites that give updates is also crucial. It's space age baby!

What's up for the band in 2008? ( a tour, album?)

Our record comes out in JAn, with a release show @ the Taphouse on Feb 9th. Touring will be as far as we want to drive..

What local bands and artists do you recommend?

Recommend? thats a strange choice of a dr. recommending pennicilin for vd. LOL I recommend the PSL's for your rash ma'm. All kidding aside, locally we like 1888 a lot. Brad recorded our record at his Clay garden Studio. They are doing some interesting stuff as a band. Rylo, Action Habit, Jason Manfreddi..the list goes on. I think when we can sense passion in a bands set, it always gets attention. Well, passion and songwriting ability...

What are your favorite venues to play at? How would you like to see the available venues to change when booking shows?
(better sound / lights/ pay/ promotions)

Any place that people come to see original music. The Taphouse, Hells Kitchen, Jew Mo's.

Who primarily writes the songs? Is there a certain process or does it come out during practice?

I write the songs, and I make demos to give the guys, and we get together and hash em out!

How do you market your music to the public? What seems to work best for you for letting people know about your shows?
(Myspace/ the paper / word of mouth)

All three are very practical in getting your music out. Myspace, like I said is a huge tool in getting music out there.

Finish these statements:

"You know you've made it when..."

cows fly out of my arse. we get to play our songs that we write in front of alot of people, and they have a great time, and sing them back to us.. I think that's "making it" in the music industry.

"It'll be time to pack up the gear for good when..."

never. We all enjoy it too much . You can always play music on some level, as long as yer standing.

"I'll never forget the first time I..."

heard some of the music genre descriptions these days... they get more and more ridiculous. It's freakin rock baby!

Let's have some fun with word association. Give me your immediate feelings on the following
(if you've got no discernable feelings, make something up that won't embarrass you in the morning)

Pembroke Area aka Downtown Virginia Beach-Downtown Virginia Beach?

No such thing.

The Oceanfront-

No such thing. Used to be a Haven for it's just sad.

Granby Street- (in Cajun man tone)


Portfolio Weekly-

sure, what 's the alternative...

Independent Music Stores / Businesses / Restaurants-


Mount Trashmore-

Tidewater's hillside.

Best Venue-

The Taphouse, it gets rawkus!

Worst Venue-

street corner

Best Kept Secret-

fluffer nutter. marshmellow creme and peanut butter.


backwoods. love it.

Favorite Dive Bar-

I don't have the time..used to be the ghent inn.

What's the most played song on your iPod (or an equivalent music playing device) in the past week?

our new record, listening to different mixes and mastering.

Who would be in your ultimate music supergroup, your all-star Olympic team of rock?

oh god....all the dead ones.

What came first, the music or the misery? Explain.

Well music changed after the misery, so music. But music that's miserable just because it's trendy, is just miserable.


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